Query Comparison

This tool facilitates comparative (re)search based on multiple queries on the same or different collections. The tool that inspired the creation of the “Comparative” functionality currently available in the Media Suite is AVResearcherXL .


This tool uses all the data and enrichments available via the Media Suite. See Data page for more information.

How to use

There are two possible cases:

  1. If you have saved queries via the Search tool,
    • Go first to “Set project.” Here you can select your user project
    • You will se a list of your “saved queries” with their name and some details
    • Tick in the boxes next to the queries that you would like to compare
    • The graphic will show the aggregated results per query
  2. If you have not saved queries before:
    • Click on “Add query”
    • You will be prompted to the Search tool
    • There you can “Save a query” in a user project
    • Then you are ready to use the Compare tool