Media Suite Tutorial: Finding and Bookmarking Oral History Interviews

by Max Broekhuizen, September 2020

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a corpus of oral history interviews focussing on a specific theme, using the Media Suite Search tool and User Project functionalities.

Media Suite Tutorial: Desktop Documentary for Television History

by Christian Olesen, May 2020

This tutorial introduces you to making a desktop documentary that critically compares and reflects on the different ways in which the Media Suite and other platforms give access to historical television content. The aim is to learn how to document and reflect on your research process with critical attention to the affordances of different research environments.

Media Suite Tutorial: Searching and Bookmarking for Television History

by Christian Olesen, April 2020

This tutorial introduces you to using the CLARIAH Media Suite's search tool and bookmarking functionality for television studies and/or television history research. Upon completing this tutorial, you will have learned to use the Media Suite for searching and building a corpus consisting of television materials from Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision's Television Collection and bookmarking and entering items into a personal user project.