Version 4.9



  • Several bug fixes
  • Quickly create a new project via the “project selection widget”
  • Choose/create projects from the “save query” dialog (in the search tool)
  • Choose/create projects from the “bookmark” dialog (in the search tool)

New features

The new resource viewer is there! It includes:

  • Attractive design matching the workspace
  • Separate (hideable) column for displaying archival metadata
  • Separate (hideable) column for displaying “content annotations” such as speech transcripts and/or curated (program) segments
  • Separate (hideble) column for displaying your personal annotations
  • Word cloud navigation for “content annotations”: skip through AV content by clicking words in the cloud
  • UI shows clear distinction between “Resource”, “Media Object” and “Segment” level annotations
  • Filters for showing/hiding the different annotation types: comments, codes, links or metadata (a.k.a. information cards)

Other features:

  • The “Empty field” in each filter/facet block shows how many documents do not have a value filled in for the metadata field that underlies the filter.
  • You can now click on the individual years in the timeline graph to filter search results by that year
  • It’s now possible to use the “Compare queries” tool via the workspace

Data improvements