Version 4.12



  • Bug fixes (such as problems with playback of content in Desmet collection)

Data improvements

Stability improvements

  • We are setting up automated tests to improve the stability of the Media Suite. We have integrated Screenster to enable us to do better UI testing as to increase the comfort of our users while working with the Media Suite.

Infrastructure improvements

  • We have built a “Distributed Annotation ‘n’ Enrichment” ( DANE ) system that handles job assignment and file storage for the automatic annotation of content, for example using video analysis. To make DANE more portable and usable CLARIAH wide, we are making it possible to roll out the DANE stack automatically. It currently installs automatically on a CentOS VM.

Work in progress

  • To enable access to recent NISV data we are working on connecting the latest version of the NISV catalogue to the Media Suite. We have been testing the connection with workspace API

  • We are preparing the digitized Viewer Ratings data (Kijk- en Luistercijfers) to be added as a collection for the Media Suite. The past weeks we have been configuring testing the indexing of the data. As there were still some errors we will be re-indexing the coming weeks.

  • We are working on preparing the data and infrastructure to make it possible to use Linked Data concepts within the Media Suite and the CLARIAH infrastructure. The past weeks we have been evaluating querying the NISV data using properties related to the involvement of Persons (producer, creator, speaker etc.) and Places (recordingLocation, location etc.)