User Collections

The User Collections are your own media files.

NOTE : From version 3, the functionality for uploading users’ own Youtube media to their Workspace user projects is available. But, this functionality is not fully working. This is because some back-end work with the playout of sources, which depends on the general CLARIAH infrastructure. The team is working on providing this service properly, and it will be available in the coming months (hopefully at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020).

When it is ready, this will be the basic functionality:

Users’ “personal collections” can also be searched, bookmarked and annotated using the same functionalities that the Media Suite offers for other collections.


  • Copy the Youtube URL of your audio/video item (this has to be publicly available)
  • Go to the Media Suite’s workspace, and click on “User collections”
  • Click on “Add User collection”
  • Enter the details of your collection
  • Click on “OPen”
  • Click on “Add” (to start adding items to your collection)
  • Enter the details/metadata of your Youtube item

Preferably use the “Share” URL given by Youtube

(more documentation coming soon…)

(Last update: October 23, 2019) . If you have any questions, please contact us .