Select collections

To get access to the data, please follow these steps:

Researchers/end users of the Data services of the CLARIAH Media Suite:

  1. Open CKAN by using the “Visit CKAN” button at the end of the Data page of the Media Suite . You will be redirected to an external service, the Media Suite instance in the CKAN registration software .

  2. In that page, you can see the datasets that are registered (made available) in the Search and Inspect tools of the Media Suite. You can search registered datasets by using:

    -Tags (thematic, media types),

    -Organizations (creators of the datasets or collections), or

    -Groups (groups are used to organise datasets by data provider).

    Note : Please be aware that these tags, organizations and groups refer to the “dataset level”, not to the content itself.

    If you want to search (or view) the content of the datasets, go to the Tools section of the Media Suite. You will find a “Collection selector” in each tool, which will give you the list of available/registered collections that you can see in CKAN.

(Last update: July, 2018) . If you have any questions, please contact us .