Based on the study of scholarly needs done in the requirement analysis phase of the CLARIAH Media Suite development, it was observed that, when browsing collections, scholars need to make selections of smaller “corpora” for closer investigation. To support this task, the Media Suite offers a bookmarking option.

How to use

  • In the Work space, start by creating your own User project
  • In the Search tool , make your query according to your wishes
  • Once you get a result list, use the icons on the left of the items to mark/unmark the items of your preference
  • You will get a dialog window inviting you to save your bookmarks to the user project that you created in the first step
    • Note: there will be improvements in Version 4 allowing you to “remember” your selected items when changing pages in the search results
  • Another way to bookmark, individual items in this case, is via the Resource viewer , you will find a “star” icon in the viewer, and also the option to select the active User project in which you want to save your bookmark.
  • To see the resulting list of bookmarks, you can go to the Workspace and find them in the User project where you have saved them.

(Last update: October 2, 2018) . If you have any questions, please contact us .