What are the CLARIAH research pilot projects?

The CLARIAH Research pilot projects was a grant scheme created by CLARIAH to involve researchers in the early stages of developing the Dutch Infrastructure. Six pilot projects were allocated to the Work package responsible for the Media Suite (WP5):

  • CrossEWT (“Cross-Medial Analysis of WW2 Eyewitness Testimonies”)
  • DReAM (“Cross media research of public debates on drugs and regulation”)
  • M&M (“Tracing first person in documentary history in AV-collections”)
  • MIMEHIST (“Annotating EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection”, focused on making available the Jean Desmet collection for film historical research)
  • NarDis (“Narrativizing Disruption”, focused on exploratory search in the context of using linked open data)
  • Respons (“Remediation in Sports News”).

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