The foundation of the Media Suite is built on our APIs. They facilitate the interaction with data from various collections:

  • Collections API (high-level collection information (metadata: data format, size, etc.).
  • Search API (searching for collection items).
  • Annotation API (annotating existing data using W3C Web Annotation standard (mainly for manual annotations).
  • Data Enrichment API (collection enrichment through automatic mechanisms or by human interaction).

(Figure showing the Media Suite APIs, and how they can be used via the Jupyter notebooks).

The Data Enrichment API is not fully implemented yet (thus, it is not shown in the graphic). At this moment, it works basically in this way:

  • notebook —-[create enrichment “job”]—-> enrichment API
  • notebook ——–[get status of job]—-> enrichment API
  • notebook ——–[get job/enrichment output]—-> enrichment API
  • the results of the enrichment can be put in in the annotation API, or directly in an index for the search/collection API.

Note : The APIs can only be used with our Jupyter notebooks service at this moment. Please use our Contact options for more information.